Haunted Phones Calls

If you read the post about my daughter receiving a mysterious call that claimed to be from home, then you already know that I promised to share my story of another ghostly call I received a few years ago. It seems my last post was never published and sat in draft mode for a week, which means both posts will be dated today.

About that haunted call……

At the time I was working in a school that many believe is haunted. There are many stories about the school, but I was new there – so I was never quite sure when they were yanking my chain or if they really believed the stories.

I was in a meeting after school and there were no other people in the building except those of us in the meeting. My daughter was in a room that did not have a phone, practicing her violin. No one left the room.

Suddenly, the office phone began to ring. We ignored it for a few moments, but when it continued one of the members stepped into the office to answer the phone. She was in plain sight through the open door.

To my surprise the call was for me. It was my husband returning my call.

“What call?” I inquired.

He explained that there was message on call wave that showed that a call had been placed from the school to my home. I assured him that it must have been an old call and that no one had called him.

I really didn’t think much of the whole episode until I got home.

When I got online and checked the record of calls on call wave, I was shocked to see that a call had indeed been made from the school to my home. It was dated and the time showed that it was made while I was in the meeting and my daughter was in a room without a phone. The name of the school and the number were clearly displayed.

I have since lost the record of this call as we no longer subscribe to call wave.

I have no explanation for this odd occurrence.

Was it some mysterious contact from beyond or was it merely a glitch in the system?

If it were a glitch, I have to wonder what the odds are of a call showing up from a building that has reputation for being haunted instead of some other random number.


2 thoughts on “Haunted Phones Calls

  1. I live in a college dorm. Last night at 12:18 I got a call from my friend. The person on the other end said “Hey it’s jim.” And I said “No you’re not Jimmy is 5 feet away from me. Who the f** is this?” I went to hand it to my friend the “real” jimmy and the caller hung up. I am very freaked out, he found his phone right next to him on the dresser and it was turned off. I called back the number that on my caller ID was his number and his name and all I got was the answering machine. Can this be explained?

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