Mirrors and Portals to the Spirit World

I’ve done a little poking around to see what I can find about mirrors as portals to the spirit world. I didn’t exactly find a lot of information from what I would consider reliable sources. I find this both relieving and a little frustrating.

I’m relieved that maybe I don’t have to dash past my mirror every night, but frustrated that some have thrown it out there, but have nothing to back it up.

So far, I have determined that there is a group of people who believe mirrors are portals to the spirit world. One prerequisite appears to be that it must be a stationary mirror that has a solid backing and it must have been in place for a period of time.

Now, I’m not sure exactly what would make one mirror a portal and another mirror not, but I can tell you that I’m not taking any chances. I’m moving my mirror on a regular basis.

I discovered a few references to those who use mirrors to call up spirits or to see spirit guides. This is another topic altogether, as far as I’m concerned.

Apparently, the superstition of breaking a mirror bringing bad luck has its roots in the belief that spirits exist in another realm behind the glass. When a mirror is shattered those spirits are set free in your home.

An opposing theory of the origin of this superstition suggests that at one time mirrors were extremely expensive to make. Only the wealthy could afford a large mirror in the home. In an attempt to discourage carelessness, wealthy home owners convinced superstitious servants/slaves that breaking a mirror would bring seven years bad luck.

It seems likely that the combination of these two theories has fueled the belief that breaking a mirror carries with it certain bad luck.

Perhaps the belief of mirrors as portals to the spirit world has its roots in the superstitious beliefs of long ago, that were merely fabricated to control the actions of those who didn’t know any better.

Perhaps there is evidence out there, that I have yet to access, that would indicate otherwise.

For now, it seems that moving a stationary mirror to a new location on a regular basis just might prevent the spirit world from entering your home.

15 thoughts on “Mirrors and Portals to the Spirit World

  1. Mirror info is hard to verify! I came upon this post b/c I’m making a paranormal themed diorama with two opposing mirrors with the thought that the opposition creates a doorway for spirits. I’ve always used mirrors to deflect energy and move the Qi around but really have no reference for avoiding placing two mirrors facing each other except from my Grandmother. I’d like to find one. Thanks for your post!

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