Mirrors… Portals to the Spirit World?

Last night, I spent some time reading a few of my favorite paranormal sites. Why is it that we are always drawn to these at night time when we are alone?

Anyway, I was reading about mirrors being portals to the spirit world. Admittedly, I need to do some research on this topic before I begin to form any opinions about the possibility.

I can tell you that the thought freaked me out. You see, my bedroom has a large mirror above my dresser. The mirror in itself was not the issue. It was the fact that my bedroom is a large open area at the top of the stairs and there is no light switch to the room, only an old fashioned chain that must be pulled.

This requires me to walk across the room, in the dark, to turn on the light. But what really bothered me was the fact that when I pulled the chain to turn on the light, I would be facing the mirror. In fact, I would have to walk towards the mirror in the dark to get to the chain.

Aah. you see my problem already. I was more than a little nervous.

Those of you who know me already know that I have no problems with ghosts and spirits in someone else’s house. In fact, they fascinate me. I’ve even gone on a ghost hunt and traipsed around in the darkness looking for a ghost. It was fun.

But, when it comes to my house, I want nothing to do with invisible beings that might choose my mirror as a portal.

I found a solution. I walked up the dark stairs, closed my eyes tightly and felt my way to my bed. I crawled in and pulled the covers over my head without so much as a glance at the mirror.

Ha! Maybe spirits do use my mirror as portal, but that doesn’t mean I have to look at them.

Check back soon to find out what I’ve turned up in my research about mirrors as portals to the spirit world.

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