Noises in the Night

If you have already read my post on sleep paralysis, you are already aware that I question some of the experiences I had in college. I’m not talking about the typical college experiences here, God knows we all question them. I’m talking about paranormal activity.

I lived in the same room, but had two different roommates over the years, both of whom experienced unusual activities to some degree, along with myself.

At the time, we were slightly frightened, but being young, we often blew them off.

One roommate complained that I talked in a different language while I was sleeping and seemed to respond to some invisible being in the room. This of course, freaked her out. To be honest it never bothered me because I didn’t experience it.

I simply thought she was over-reacting to a little sleep talking and never gave it much thought, even though she reported it on several occasions.

This roommate also claimed to feel the weight of something sitting on her bed in the middle of the night.

It was the noises I heard every night that piqued my interest.

Every night I heard what sounded like a large metal ball bearing being dropped. It would bounce twice and then a series of smaller bumps as though it were rolling across the floor.

My room was on the top floor, yet it sounded like it came from above me. I rationalized that it must be “the pipes”.

When no one from other rooms reported hearing this sound, I assumed that it must have something to do with the pipes in my room. Of course, there were no pipes in my room, but I assumed pipes passed by my room in the walls.

It wasn’t until last year when I watched an episode of Ghost Hunters where Jason and Grant heard the same sound that it occurred to me that the noise really wasn’t the pipes. I sat in shock as I listened to a sound I had heard every night for several years. I expected them to debunk it. They didn’t. They couldn’t.

Thinking back, I don’t know why I never questioned the fact that this noise was only present at night and only present in my room.

For whatever reason the noise persisted night after night and I didn’t give it more than a passing thought.

Check back for more stories about the events we experienced during that period of time.


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