Paranormal Experiences

I’ve been doing a lot of soul searching lately, and don’t mean searching for lost souls that roam the earth. I mean my own.

I’ve thinking about the first time I ever remember actually seeing anything that was out of the ordinary. I was in my teens, then. My family had spent the afternoon at the family grave yard mowing and repairing the graves. When we returned it was late afternoon and the sun was just beginning to set.

My mother made pizza and we sat down to eat fresh homemade pizza with a cold soda.

A small hallway lead from the kitchen to the living room. I sat down at the kitchen table, which gave me a clear view of the hallway and the entrance to the living room.

Just as I lifted the cold drink to my lips, I caught motion from the corner of my eye. When I looked up, there in the entrance to the living room stood a man in a white t-shirt and dark pants. The odd thing was, he only had one arm. He looked at me and then quickly darted out of sight.

I was frightened and confused, but I sat silently for what seemed like hours before I dared to tell anyone what I had seen.

There were no exits from that end of the house. There was no way out. The house was searched and no one was found.

To this day, I can still see this one armed man in a white t-shirt darting quickly out of view. I lived in the same house until I went away to college, yet I never saw this man again.

Granted there were other things that happened in this house, others heard and saw things, but to my knowledge no one ever saw this man again.

I can’t help but wonder who or what I saw so many years ago.


2 thoughts on “Paranormal Experiences

  1. A weird experience in my opinion. If man doesn’t experience such thing himself, then it’s hard to believe… Fantasy is wide open on the other hand. And when we see something like this on TV or on the internet, then it’s always up to everyone if to trust such (TV) shots or not… Because there are so many liars that everyone is put into one bag; no matter if the story is possible or not.

    People lie because of many reasons; they want money, they want fame, they want to be known… But they are forgetting about those who don’t lie and whose stories will be considered fake after all. :-S

  2. Strange… I’ve always wanted to not believe in such things, because it frights me at night when I sleep alone… But there are so much stories about ghosts, that I do not know what to believe. On the other hand I was always fascinated by ghosts…

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