Back from a Ghost Hunt

Well, I have returned safely from the ghost hunt. I really don’t know where to begin. It wasn’t at all what I expected. It wasn’t scary. It wasn’t creepy. But I did feel as though I were transported to another place and time. The three hundred year old house was brimming with reminders of the past.

I participated in one “sit in” where I joined the Jr. investigators and sat in the dark for 45 minutes. As I sat in the room, I wondered why the people who were supposed to be sitting in the next room were moving around. I heard creaking floor boards and footsteps and even thought I heard the door to their room open twice. I simply couldn’t imagine why they were being so noisy.

After we gathered back in the living room, I reported out that I had seen and heard nothing. As a side note, I asked who was in the other room. When they identified themselves, I asked why they had been walking around. They claimed they did not move around.

Now, I don’t know these people and I have no way of knowing if they were or were not moving around. I don’t know what I heard. But it didn’t feel out of place or odd in any way.

I am a little leery of anything I was told. There was a plan in the works to test the power of suggestion on another young man who was told a variety of frightening stories and then the investigators wanted to see if he would confirm those stories by sights or sounds.

This, of course, put me on guard. I don’t know who was trying to fool whom. There were a lot of secretive side conversations meant to conceal information from certain members so as not to bias their experiences. These may have been legitimate, but it left me with the feeling that I was being had.

I suspect that I wouldn’t have believed anything that happened there that night.

Perhaps another time with this group, or another group, will leave me with a different perspective.

We will know … in due time.


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