Signs of the Paranormal:Are You Being Haunted?

For many of us, the thought of being haunted is a little scary and we will do almost anything to convince ourselves that what we hear or see isn’t really happening. It’s not so much that we don’t trust our senses. It’s more of a concern over what others will think of us when we tell our story.

Just last night, as I climbed into bed and got myself comfortable I had a bit of an experience that I pretty much shook off as imagination until I spoke I spoke to my husband this morning.

It began with a strange sound I couldn’t identify. To be honest it sounded like the rapid fluttering of wings, but it only lasted a few seconds and was gone. I called to the cat and got no response. I lay wondering if I should get up and explore the sound when I felt the cat leap onto the foot of the bed. I moved my foot to give her room and looked down to discover there was no cat there. Now, this wouldn’t have struck me as so unusual if it hadn’t happened before ... but it has and it gave me a bit of a start. Still, I was convinced somehow I was imagining it all.

I lay there in silence (with the blankets pulled over my head) and listened. My husband was in the living room watching TV, so I knew I had backup should anything happen.

I began to hear small rustling sounds in the wall at the head of bed. So that was it, a field mouse must have come in from the cold and was hiding out in my wall. I relaxed and vowed to put out some mousetraps. Tiny scratching and what I presumed was gnawing followed.

Suddenly, a rush of sound startled me. Something ran rapidly through the wall.  I grew up in an old house where mice in the wall was a nightly occurrence and this was no mouse. It was too big — too loud — and way too fast. Finally, I decided it must be a squirrel. Yes, that was it . A squirrel in the wall. Convinced I had solved the mystery, I went to sleep.

This morning my husband listened as I retold my story. He looked at me and told me that the wall I was talking about had no crawl space and was completely filled with insulation. (He had installed the wall himself when we moved in a year ago.)What makes it worse is that is the same wall I heard the loud scratching in a few weeks ago.

If you are experiencing unusual activity in your home and simply cannot find a logical reason for it, it just might be paranormal. This article describes the types of activities that might indicate the presence of a ghost or spirit in your home. It suggests ways to determine if the cause is paranormal or if there may be other logical explanations. As for  me, well, my husband will be exploring the attic later for any signs to explain the cause of the noises I am hearing.

7 Signs of Paranormal Activity: Are You Being Haunted?

33 thoughts on “Signs of the Paranormal:Are You Being Haunted?

  1. So i’ve decided to move out with my girlfriend on april 1st cause I once again couldnt live in fear anymore. My new home felt very relaxed and calm I havent been feeling any energy of some sorts until last night.. I was making dinner for my roomie and my bf and the corner of my eye I saw something white move past me..maybe it couldve been a light reflection but im pretty sure it wasnt. We go to eat now and I just felt weird I was getting a really strong energy over my right hands became sweaty and my heart started racing..I automatically got cold. My bf thought I was crazy but my roomie she believes me 100000000%(shes native and believes in paranormal activity) so I put a blanket on and continued eating. Maybe about 30mins later I got that weird feeling again but this time I was hearing like wispering/scratching noises(as if someone or something was trying to get my attention) coming from where I had felt the energy…weird thing is I was the only one hearing it. That same night I was in bed and I have my own bathroom in my room..I have a plastic bag that hangs behind it for garabage..lights were on. I was hearing the same wispering noises in the bathroom but this time it was alot sounded like a womans voice but couldnt really break through to what she was saying. I automatically threw the blankets over my head and tried to drain out the noise. That plastic bag that I mentioned well it started making noises as if someone was touching it so I layed there watching it trying to not freak out and then the door started closing. I woke up this morning and the heaters were on full blast room super hot but me I was froozen..completely froozen but only on my bed once I got up I was fine. Im not sure what to do anymore. When I was younger Ive always felt spirits around me Ive heared them and Ive also seen them numerous times but it was never a negative energy that I would feel. After the ouija board it changed. I was thinking of maybe looking more into my “medium powers” if you wanna call it that but im afraid once I open that gate im screwed. I know I shouldnt mess with the after life but they something or someone keeps coming to me and its getting stronger… Dont know what to do or where to start. Im actually kind of embarassed to go to someone and ask about how to study my abilities to connect with them fully.. I proabably sound cray right now lol

  2. Theres was once my brother and I purchased the ouija board and goofed around with it..a few times actually until one day I was alone and decided to give it a try. Now obviously it didnt work for me so I just pushed it aside. That evening we lost power so I decided to read a book..I went to the bathroom [I was living in the basement in a triplex] I turned on the light with a chain that hung there [it was an old apt that we had since my grandma was born] the power didnt go on..I went back to my room and continued reading. Now it was getting dark and I felt really uncomfortable downstairs for some I made my way upstairs all the lights came back on and the bathroom light was turning off and on really fast and there was a male shadow wearing a hat..[it was black from head to toe]. I literally ran so fast I dont even remember touching the floor or stairs. I ran upstairs in a panic .. I told my family what had and they didnt believe me and told me it was all in my head. Since that day I never felt comfortable again in the basement. I always felt there was something or someone watching me.. I would see shadows at the corner of my eyes all the time but didnt tell anyone. One morning I woke up and I had scratches on my lower back.. I once again told my family and of course they thought maybe I scratched myself in my sleep[ I didnt have long enough nails to do so] From there on I slept the lights on 24/7 but was still uneasy in the basement. I would hear foot steps or scratching on the wall..two weeks later I had to move out to give myself my own piece of mind.. Felt like I was going a little crazy but I knew I wasnt. Now I live with my cousin and his gf..its been about four months I lived there and Ive seen shadows pass by me and sometimes I feel as if something is touching me. I would get really antartica cold and feel like something is weighing over me. About two nights ago around 3am I woke up I took off my blankets and at the end of my bed that same shadow that I saw in the basement was standing there I freaked out turned on the light. Once that light had been on I literally saw a shadow on the wall leave me room. I now cannot sleep for the love of me I am literally petrefied(sorry cant spell it) of my home. When I am alone things fall or weird sounds occur. I told my roommates and they believe me 100% because they’ve seen things too. I dont know what to do.. I was thinking of maybe using the ouija board again but everytime I go near it I get goosebumps automatically all over my body.. I dont know what to do.. :(

    • Playing with the Ouija Board isn’t likely to help you any as it sounds like it may have been what started it all. You might want to sit down with your roommates and try to figure out what is going on. Maybe together you can find the source of the sounds and shadows. Some people sit down and tell the spirits they are welcome to stay, but are not allowed to interact with anyone in the home. If all else fails, contact a paranormal investigation group in your area. Maybe they can get to the bottom of this.

  3. Idk if im being haunted but every time I enter a room, after I get comfortable I look in a random direction and can tell someone or something is there. If I ask a question and I’m alone and its quite I can hear a slight noise. I have heard things and seen things that are not normal. This always happens and I seem to be the only one this happens to in my family. Am I being haunted?

    • It’s possible you are being haunted, but it’s also possible you are reacting to being alone. Have you actually seen anything or do you just feel like someone or something is there? What else have you seen?

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