Evil doppelgangers may have populated universe before big bang, says cosmologist – Bangor Top News | Examiner.com


Neidermeyer explains that the universe before ours mirrored our own universe and was likely filled with doppelgangers of everyone on earth. According to Neidermeyer, these doppelgangers composed of antimatter would be the exact opposite of the living beings in this world.

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Amy Bruni offers advice for new paranormal investigators



Amy Bruni, paranormal investigator on “Ghost Hunters”, makes paranormal investigating look easy, but appearances can be deceiving. According to Amy’s Facebook post on March 30, real investigating is different from what we see on TV. She explains that the episodes of “Ghost Hunters” have been edited to bring viewers the highlights of an investigation, but . . .

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‘Resurrection’ has viewers seeing red


ABC’s new series “Resurrection” began with a bang as the series premiere aired on March 9. This show echoes the eeriness of ‘The Village’ and the suspense of ‘The Sixth Sense’ with its intricately woven plot and red symbolism. It promises to unveil a host of new characters who return from the dead seemingly unscathed .. Read More  ‘Resurrection’ has viewers seeing red – Bangor TV | Examiner.com.

Spooky locations: Island of Dolls (Isla de las Munecas)

haunted dollsPhoto by Skillshot / Flickr

Nothing is quite as spooky as the thought of haunted dolls – unless, of course, its an entire island covered with thousands of mangled and disheveled dolls hanging from trees and perched on branches. That is exactly what you will find on the Island of Dolls (Isla de las Munecas) located just south of Mexico City. If that isn’t enough to set your skin to crawling wait until you hear the eerie tale of how they got there.

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Are reincarnation and past life memories for real? – News – Bubblews

.If you are like me, you probably haven’t given reincarnation or past life memories much thought. I never really considered it an option until recently when I heard some fascinating stories about children who claimed to remember past lives.

Are reincarnation and past life memories for real?

‘Ghost Inside My Child’ seeks stories of children with past life memories

I’ve heard stories about children who insist they had another Mama or who talk about places and events they couldn’t possibly know about, but I never quite knew what to make of it. Were they imagining it? Did they see it on TV? Did someone tell them a story that they thought was real?

Those are all questions parents ask themselves when their child suddenly insists he has lived before.

For some parents, like those whose stories are told on “The Ghost Inside My Child”, the evidence gets too heavy to ignore forcing them to accept the eerie reality that their child may possess the reincarnated soul of someone else.

If you, or someone you know, is dealing with this uncomfortable situation, you are not alone. There are thousands of others experiencing a similar situation, but are afraid to speak out. The producers of “The Ghost Inside My Child” want to change all that by documenting the stories of those whose children have memories of past lives.

For more information about the show and how you can get your story told, visit ‘Ghost Inside My Child’ seeks stories of children with past life memories

Ghost Cat pays a visit

Ghost Cat

by Sapphireblue/ Flickr

Some of you are aware that our house has its share of unusual activity that ranges from odd sounds to EVPs and a sighting or two of a seeming apparition. You may even remember that when I moved in, I was certain I had seen a Ghost Cat on several occasions. I’ve even felt what I thought was my cat jump onto the bed, only to discover her sound asleep at the foot of the bed.

Until recently, the Ghost Cat appeared to be a figment of my imagination. Not any more.

A couple of weeks ago my daughter saw the ghost cat in her room – which explains why it hasn’t been hanging around my room for a while. She thought it was her cat sitting in the middle of the room staring at her with “big eyes”. About the same time, her cat nudged her from the side. When she turned, she discovered her cat was actually on her desk beside the bed. Upon looking back to the floor no cat could be seen.

Today, she was on her bed and felt her cat jump down from the bed and heard her trot over to the food dish. Nothing unusual there, right? Wrong. Her cat was sitting on her bed and listening to the noise, too.

We have no idea why we have a Ghost Cat. It seems to have been here when we moved in.

*NOTE: The photo above is not actually a picture of our ghost cat.