Was that really my imagination or was it paranormal?


Okay, so I’ve been experiencing a few peculiar things lately that have me scratching my head this morning.

  • First, a week or so ago, I crawled in bed to read. My cat was curled up beside me when I suddenly heard what sounded like fabric rustling. The cat and I both looked to the bottom of the bed and I got a glimpse of something white as it appeared to slide off the bed. I assumed I had left an article of clothing on the foot of the bed. As I continued to read, I started thinking about it and couldn’t think of anything white or light colored that I had left on the bed. I got up and checked and there was nothing on the floor around the bed.  The cat and I chose to go back to reading and pretend it never happened.
  • A few days ago, when I was getting a shirt out of my closet, I saw a white shirt slip from a hanger and fall. I tried to catch it only to discover there was no fallen shirt. I checked the bottom of the closet and the floor in the bedroom. Nothing. Again, I chalked it up to my imagination.
  • This morning the TV is suddenly changing channels on its own. We’ve had Direct TV for 10 years or more and I have never seen this happen. It didn’t just suddenly change to a new channel, it went through several channels and stopped on each until the ‘show’ came on and then went to another. It finally settled on a channel with an infomercial.

I’m not sure if these events are related. The first two could certainly be my imagination – well, mine and the cat’s – but the TV surfing channels on its own wasn’t my imagination. I’m not sure if there is a logical explanation for it or not. It’s unlikely that a neighboring remote triggered it. I only have two neighbors in range and this happened before anyone else was up in the morning.

I’m not ready to call any of this paranormal, but it is beginning to make me wonder.

New Paranormal Topics

As you may have guessed, I’ve been really busy with a host of writing projects. The good news is some of my work involved writing about the paranormal. Which means there are tons of new articles published on Examiner for you to pick and choose which you want to read.

Some of the topics I’ve covered lately are:

  • Angels
  • Near Death Experiences
  • Ghosts
  • UFOs
  • Bigfoot
  • Ghost Hunters
  • Unicorns
  • Ossuaries (think creepy bones)
  • Crickets (yes, you read that correctly)

I’d love it if you’d stop by Examiner and browse my Paranormal Articles and let me know what you think. Am I on the right track or are there other topics I should be covering?

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Do you have a ghost story to tell?

First of all, I’d to apologize for broken links on this site. Many of my articles were published on Yahoo Contributor’s Network for years, but the site has recently closed its doors. What that means to me is that those articles are no longer available to readers. I am working on removing the links from several blogs and sites. I appreciate your patience.

The good news is that I am moving many of them to my paranormal page on Examiner.  You can subscribe to me there and receive updates when new articles are published. To view my collection of paranormal articles on Examiner visit Bangor Paranormal Examiner. You will find the subscribe button between my bio and the first article or you can SUBSCRIBE here.

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I’d also like to extend an invitation to everyone to contact me with your personal experiences. If you have a story you would like told, I can do that for you while you remain anonymous.

Has SyFy abandoned paranormal reality shows?


I don’t know about the rest of you, but I’m feeling abandoned by SyFy. I’ve watched the SyFy channel every Wednesday night for years to keep up to date with its paranormal reality shows, but suddenly they are all gone. It appears that “Ghost Hunters” and “Paranormal Witness” are the only two paranormal shows left on SyFy. They have removed all the others from their listings.

“Haven”, of course will return in the fall, but that’s purely fictional. Although I love the show, it’s not the same.

I’m not sure if SyFy thinks the era of paranormal reality shows is over or if it has something else up its sleeve, but I’m feeling a little let down and disappointed.

Was that a UFO?

Last night when I took the dog outside at about 10 pm, I saw something that made my jaw drop.

 As I looked off in the southeastern sky I noticed a set of bright lights in the sky. The lights were lined up in a row horizontally. They were predominantly white, but I had the impression of either blue or green lights between the white lights.  I know there were three or four white lights. I was reminded of a crown, but couldn’t quite make out the individual lights or see any outline around the lights.

The lights began to twinkle or blink, but the object remained stationary. It didn’t appear to be moving away from me, as the size did not change. I stood mesmerized thinking I needed to go get my husband so he could see these lights, too. Before I could pull myself away, the lights suddenly disappeared. They did not fade. They did not move away. They simply disappeared.

I don’t know what I saw last night, but I do know that my jaw dropped  as I stood motionless staring at this object in the sky.

Could I have been looking at plane positioned at some weird angle? If so, why did it appear motionless? Why didn’t the object become increasingly smaller as it faded into the distance?

Did I see a UFO? Quite frankly, I don’t know what I saw, but I do know it didn’t look like anything I had ever seen before and it left me speechless.


Evil doppelgangers may have populated universe before big bang, says cosmologist – Bangor Top News | Examiner.com


Neidermeyer explains that the universe before ours mirrored our own universe and was likely filled with doppelgangers of everyone on earth. According to Neidermeyer, these doppelgangers composed of antimatter would be the exact opposite of the living beings in this world.

via Evil doppelgangers may have populated universe before big bang, says cosmologist – Bangor Top News | Examiner.com.

Amy Bruni offers advice for new paranormal investigators



Amy Bruni, paranormal investigator on “Ghost Hunters”, makes paranormal investigating look easy, but appearances can be deceiving. According to Amy’s Facebook post on March 30, real investigating is different from what we see on TV. She explains that the episodes of “Ghost Hunters” have been edited to bring viewers the highlights of an investigation, but . . .

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